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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. In order to achieve a large range of motion the shoulder is naturally less stable than other joints in the body. This puts the shoulder at a higher risk of injury than other areas of the body. The shoulder is a complex joint that consists of your shoulder blade (scapula), collar bone (clavicle), upper arm (humerus), and the rib cage. The joint is anchored with numerous ligaments, muscles and a large cartilage ring (labrum) that are designed to give you a large range or motion.

When assessing the shoulder, we look at the range of motion of the shoulder joint, the strength of the shoulder joint, the ability to stabilize the shoulder against the rib cage, and the range of motion of the mid back. With all of these to consider as causes of pain, we will do a comprehensive evaluation and come up with a treatment course to fix the dysfunction and eliminate pain. We always believe in a functional course of treatment involving soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and rehab. Our treatment is focused on the elimination of dysfunction to keep pain from returning.

Shoulder pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek medical care. Due to the design of the shoulder, it is at risk for injury in 2 categories: traumatic or degenerative. Traumatic injury occurs with a hard impact to the shoulder. Whether it is falling, getting tackled in football, or a motor vehicle accident, all of these will require rehab to strengthen the shoulder and increase the ability of the shoulder to bear weight. Degenerative shoulder injuries may include overuse injuries, underuse injuries, or something due to another problem in the body. These injuries require restoring proper motion to the shoulder and training the shoulder to work properly.