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Leg and Knee Pain

It is not uncommon to experience a bout of knee or leg pain here and there, but if the intensity becomes very pronounced or the pain is becoming a daily issue, you might have a problem. For mild knee pain, sometimes rest and over the counter remedies are all you need. If it goes away, great, but anytime an ongoing knee issue affects your gait or changes the way you move it is time to see how the clinicians at Advanced Physical Medicine at Bell District can help.

Our goal is not only to reduce the pain, but actually treat the cause of the pain. Our treatment can include rehab, conservative therapies, or regenerative medicine which will get you back to running, riding horses, playing with your grandchildren, or just enjoying an active lifestyle.

Don’t let nagging knee or leg pain stop you from enjoying your life. Call or schedule online to see how we can get you back in business. Our clinicians will do everything we can to not only help you, but help you avoid surgery as well.