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What about that diet?

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I get questions, opinions and sales pitches all the time about different types of diets. I am pretty interested in diets because

A) A lot of folks struggle with it

B) If you want to improve your body, you have to watch what you eat

That, why I have an interest in it. I personally struggle with food just like everyone. I like pizza. I really like Mexican food. But, if I eat those things that I like, it starts to put the pounds on. I can gain ten pounds in a matter of weeks if I don't watch what I eat.

I am a fan of moderation in food. Meaning, that going overboard in anything can turn against you. When people try to talk me into their diet, I hear stuff like, " eat watermelon and it will..............." Look, you can lose weight eating Snickers bars. You absolutely can. All you have to do is take in less calories than you burn and you lose weight. So it can be Snickers, watermelon, broccoli, whatever, you will lose weight, but with that being said, without a balance, it's not going to be a healthy choice.

I am a fan of the Paleo diet aka hunter/gatherer diet aka caveman diet. That diet is one where we eat natural stuff. Meats, fruits, veggies, fish.... you get the picture. There are tons of websites on it. We get more nutritionally from this type of diet than we do from processed food. Again, you can lose weight on processed food, but I don't feel you get the right kind of nutrition without using lots of supplements.

That's what I think. Be sensible, balance what you eat, measure if you need to, add more fruits and veggies and give up the sodas.

On to healthy living.