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Wellness & Better Health Chiropractic Offers Cedar Park Athletes Top Treatment for Sports Injuries

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

Dr. John Tuggle, owner of Wellness and Better Health Chiropractic P.A. in Cedar Park, Texas, understands how frustrating sports injuries can be to area athletes. Dr. Tuggle is an athlete, too, an avid marathoner. That's why he's made treating sports injuries an important part of his chiropractic practice.

Whether you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, back pain or neck pain, Dr. Tuggle and his staff of trained professionals can help you recover from your sports injury.



Eliminating the Pain of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can come in many forms. Basketball players and runners might suffer from plantar fasciitis. Gymnasts may develop back pain while all athletes may suffer from chronic headaches or other painful conditions due to wear and tear on their muscles and joints.

Athletes who come to Dr. Tuggle's Cedar Park chiropractic office will undergo a number of therapies designed to eliminate the pain that comes from back pain, knee pain or neck pain, three of the most common types of pain suffered by athletes.

There's a reason why these parts of the body suffer the most: These are the "shock absorbers" of the body. And athletes flex, bend, stretch and jump more than others, placing more strain on the tendons and muscles of their bodies. These high-stress activities can cause athletes to suffer tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, headaches, knee pain and other injuries at a more frequent rate.

Dr. Tuggle through his chiropractic care relies on a combination of treatments, including massage therapy and advanced chiropractic techniques to treat even the most serious of sports injuries.It's important to see a chiropractor who understands the unique challenges that athletes face when trying to take care of their bodies.

That's why Wellness & Better Health Chiropractic P.A. is the right choice for athletes in the Cedar park area since Dr. Tuggle is an athlete himself. He places the same strain on his tendons and muscles as the athletes that he treats. He understands just how important it is to see a skilled chiropractor to help athletes reduce the pain that they are feeling and return to their sports at a faster rate.