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Time for a Change?

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

This past weekend I was able to be a part of Jack's Generic Triathlon. I have done this event 3 times and really enjoy it. Since I have done this race a few time I have an idea on how and what to do. Usually I have got in the middle towards the back when I started the race during the swim portion. Unfortunately during my last few races, my time has been slower than I can swim. I always run into groups of guys that can't swim as fast and it slows me down. So Yesterday, I decided to try something diffferent. I would get all the way at the front in the middle. It was a move that was a risky one. I could have been run over by the faster stronger swimmers, but none the less I wanted to try something different. So I did it. 

When the swam start the madness began. In the triathlon world we call this the washtub because you get beat from all angles. I went through it for a 100 or so meters, then it leveled off and I swam. I finished the swim in my fastest time that I have swam since I got into tri's. That was cool. 

My lesson I learned yesterday can be applied towards all aspects of life. Sometimes we have to do the unexpected and take a little risk to try to better ourselves or our situation. In not all cases will it work, but if we try it, then we might experience a positive change.