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Thoughts from the weekend

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I got to volunteer for the Couple Triathlon ( part of the Texas Tri Series ) and had a good time. It was good for me to experience the race from a different perspective. I always race and don't get to pay attention to how everything goes down. This experience changed that. I got up early and went and helped out. I worked the transition area. I said " the mount line is around the corner, don't mount your bike till the mount line" about a thousand times. It was cool to see the different racers come out. I saw most of the crew from Emerge Multisport out there. I actually train with Emerge now.  I also saw several of the Trizones racers out there as well. I used to train with Trizones. I saw a lady on a full suspension mountain bike with aero bars. Just when you thought you have seen it all. For non-cyclist out there this would be the equivilant of putting a spoiler for high speed on a Jeep Wrangler. It didn't really make sense. Oh well, she looked like she was having fun. You go girl. 

I also became a sponsor for Team KLBJ and their ride for the LiveStrong foundation. I was a part of the team last year. I rode 90 miles down one of Lance Armstrong's favorite riding spots. Not very smart for me, but it was for charity and cancer research. This year I have a schedule conflict and will be unable to attend the LiveStrong event, but will have a team of massage therapist on hand for the people to check out. You can donate or sign up to ride with them here.

 I am super excited to join there team in supporting cancer research and more that the LiveStrong foundation does. Gary Osborn does a great job putting that together.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, except I did rest yesterday and watched Braveheart with my son who thought it was a great flic.