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Please tell your doctor!

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I got to work last Tuesday and had a message from my answering service from the night before. The caller who was a new patient last week stated that whatever I had done the first (and only) visit had irritated her back more and that she was not coming back. 

Let me start off by telling you, that I had just had a conversation about this very thing the weekend prior with a medical doctor friend of mine. We were discussing how frustrating this was. Let me start by clarifing what happened. A patient comes in, tells me about back pain. I assess them and tell them that it will take some time to correct the issue. The patient states they understand. Then the patient has a negative response ( or no response in some cases ) then chooses not to come back in based on that response.

This is probably the most frustrating thing about being a doctor ( a very close second is insurance companies ). We try to explain everything to a patient, but they don't really "get it" and then they bail on care way too prematurely. They come in one to three times, quit and tell there friends they attempted a particular doctor or therapy and it didn't work. The reality is, it didn't work because it wasn't given a chance.

Sometimes what I do or what we do in the medical/chiropractic profession doesn't work, but I have a very high success rate in correcting musculo-skeletal injuries and problems. I don't fix everything, but I make high level of improvements in the majority of patients. It is kind of funny how simple it is. My patients get the best response when they follow what I ask them to do. Then the patient thinks I am a miracle worker, I am not. The patient is just as important and probably more important in the role of them getting better. If I can't help, I send them to someone who can.

 The most important thing is, I (we collectively) have to know when something is working or WHEN IT IS NOT. I do not get my feelings hurt when what I do doesn't work. If I got mad at a patient for telling me what I am doing is not working, that would be a pride issue with me ( or any doctor/therapist for that in fact ). My medical doctor friend told me that she feels exactly the same way.

So what can you do? You could and should tell whoever is working on you if it is working or not. If they get mad, choose a new doctor, if they don't they will be able to find new ways or ideas they have to help you. No everyone with the same condition is corrected the same way. Keeping an open line of communication up with your MD, Chiropractor, physical therapist, surgeon or anyone else that is helping you with your health will help YOU get the best possible results.