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Marathon training is starting

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

In the midst of summer, it's hard to believe that it's time to begin training for a marathon or half marathon, but it is. From the local Austin and Cedar Park/Leander perspective, our racing season is starting around October through February. There are several 10k(s) and 5 milers coming around that time as well as the local standards of the Rock and Roll half or full Marathon, followed by the 3M half marathon, the Austin half or full marathon and then there are races in Dallas or Houston if you want to venture out a little. 

Some tips to think about during this time would be:

  1. Start easy. If you haven't been running much, don't go back to where you left off. If you were running 15-20 miles per week last March, don't start at that kind of mileage or you are going to be asking for an injury.  Start with something easy, it could be a mile or two and pepper in more mileage as you go. The Golden rule of training says not to go up more than 10% per week and although you occasionally have to go over the 10%, don't try 50%.
  2. Find a training plan or group. There are lots of local running groups here in Cedar Park such as Rogue Running, that have plans and specific days to go run. Running in a group can be very beneficial to motivating you and holding you accountable. If you are extremely busy and there is no way to run with a group, then look on Training Peaks to find a suitable plan that will give you something to follow. Lone Ranger type plans usually don't go well.
  3. Learn to listen to your body. Taking good care of yourself in advance as oppose to after you sustain an injury is way better. Take the time to go see a massage therapist and get those tight muscles worked out. Do yoga because you can never be to flexible. Foam roll; Period. Find a good sports chiropractor (shameless plug) that can address your concerns and keep you healthy and in the event of an injury can help correct it quickly.
  4. Do it. Don't wait to begin to train. I see this happen a lot. We put off training and try to make it up, which generally leads to an injury. No good.
  5. Take supplements. A good multivitamin is essential to help the body recover.
  6. Have fun.