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Living a wellness based lifestyle

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

Yesterday, I was able to have a recovery day from training. For those of you who aren't workout nazis, this is a day that you take off from working out to let your body recover/heal. These are very important to a workout schedule and are important whether or not you work out. I often tell people that we have the ability to push our bodies to extreme levels, but at the same time, must work on taking care of them as well. I think we (as a whole group of people) miss this. As I relaxed yesterday, I was able to go get adjusted by one of my friends and was able to go get a massage. My body was very thankful for these treats.

You body needs to be pushed, but it needs to be taken care of as well. I am not like some chiropractors that push a certain number of visits down your throat, but I will also say that the majority of the people in our society don't get adjusted enough. How can we expect to live a life to the fullest if we don't take care of ourselves? Would you buy a new car and never do anything but put gas in it and expect it to last forever? Of course not! Although that is the way we treat our body.

We need to get out of our stuck ways and begin to improve our health by being proactive. Find a good chiropractor, a good masseuse, a good nutritionist and start reaching for better health and quit living in mediocrity