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Health or Oil Change?

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I was discussing health with a patient today and began discussing a interesting topic that I talk about a lot. Why are we so concerned about our cars and maintaining them, but we are not interested in taking care of our own body. You know that the average person keeps a car about 5 years. 

Why are we so big on maintaining our cars? We change the oil every 3000 miles, why because it has been beat into our head. We rotate the tires. We do our 30,000 mile service. Then in 5 years, we ditch it for a new model ( some of us much sooner ). 

When it comes to our body we do nothing. We don't do any maintenance unless we have pain. Why is this true? We put more value into our things than we do our health. I have this quote I tell patients " We always want to be healthy because we need it to work, right? But even if we hit the lotto we want to feel good while sitting on the beach."

I find it greatly disturbing how so many people don't see the value in their health. People need to realize that they need to put time and money into staying healthy. We need to exercise. We need to eat right. We need to make sure our nervous system is operating at 100% or as close as it can.

Think about what difference it can make. I have so many patients tell me that once they started care they didn't realize how bad they felt. They didn't realize this until they started feeling better. It doesn't get old for me to help people, but it is frustrating not to see more people that could be benefiting as well from good health practices.

Forget the oil change and go for a run!!!