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Diana Nyad... Success or Failure?

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I can't even go any further. Diana Nyad is a huge success. Today is her 63rd birthday and she just failed a 4th attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, a distance of 103 miles. She tried once in 1978, twice last year and just ended her 4th try. I am in utter amazement of a lady who is in her early 60's attempting an incredible feat. I personally feel very accomplished when I swim 2 miles and here is a lady shooting for 50 times that. She is an unbelievable athlete, but more importantly, I believe she is an inspiration. At a time in her life when people are planning on retiring, planning on taking it easy, getting ready for Medicare and some even buying burial spots, you have a person who says "no way!" I'm living life to the fullest. I think we can all learn something from Diana, whether it's dealing with our own relationships, handling something at work or dealing with our health. We can accept status quo or we can choose to push through, endure and CHOOSE to not listen to the haters. 

I feel in life we need to have a chunk of Diana's spirit in us that says, I can do this no matter what. Diana endured hypothermia, the threat of sharks and numerous jellyfish stings to the face and lips, but she didn't quit. In fact, her crew pulled her out of the water for her own safety. That's tenacity. That's a must win spirit. I think too many times in life we quit long before our reward and while I don't feel that in Diana's case, I see that in many cases. People quit right before the reward. People quit relationships right before a breakthrough and people quit on their health or worse, don't care about their health until it's too late. I think we should embrace challenge and live the life we are destined to live and not accept anything less. I think we need to embrace the fighter spirit and be the person we were created to be.

 Good job Diana!