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Cedar Park Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

Carpal tunnel (CT) syndrome is a serious work-related injury caused by repetitive motions. In today's computer-based society, the majority of carpal tunnel injuries come directly from the hours we spend hunched over a keyboard. However, playing a musical instrument, long hours spent driving, or other repetitive wrist motions can also lead to injury. CT can be incredibly painful and frustrating, especially if this debilitating injury prevents you from effectively doing your job. Symptoms include a painful tingling, burning sensation and weakened grip.

Chiropractor Helps Carpal Tunnel Patients Enjoy Long-Lasting Pain Relief

If you struggle with CT, our Cedar Park chiropractor, Dr. John Tuggle, can help. We use natural, non-invasive treatment techniques that correct the underlying cause of your pain. Cedar Park patients choose our practice because we help patients heal without risky, invasive surgery or a reliance on prescription painkillers. By focusing on the root cause for your CT pain, we can provide long-lasting relief.

In order to understand how our treatments work, it is helpful to understand the underlying cause for CT. Poor posture and repetitive movements can put pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This nerve passes through a tiny channel in the wrist while traveling into the hand. A repetitive motion like typing or playing a musical instrument can stress this channel, causing it to swell over time and put pressure on the nerve. This leads to chronic pain and injury.

We use a combination of treatments, including massage therapy and gentle adjustments, to reduce swelling and inflammation. Massage treatments can help relieve pain while also stimulating internal healing. Gentle chiropractic adjustments, including Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), which is designed to help release tissue to achieve a better range of motion, can also help reduce swelling and nerve pressure by ensuring proper alignment of the wrist. Rehabilitative exercises may also help strengthen the wrist and help avoid future injury. Finally, simple posture corrections can also make a tremendous difference, and help manage back pain, neck pain and other discomfort caused by long hours typing at a computer.

Dr. Tuggle recognizes that everyone experiences pain differently and has unique wellness needs. That's why he customizes every treatment program to meet each patient's individual needs.

Do you suffer from CT? Has chiropractic care or therapeutic massage helped manage your pain? Share your story below!