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ART Spine

Written By The Tri Doc on June 16, 2016

I am excited to be doing Active Release in the spine now. I have been seeing a lot more ART clients/patients who have been benefiting from the care. That's was makes what I do, more fun. 

 How are your goals from a health standpoint going? When we hit the March/April timeframe, it is a great time to see if we are achieving our fitness goals. We need to assess our body fat, our weight and how we are holding up from a cardiovascular stand point.  How are you doing with your weights in the gym? These are great areas to actually measure against the goals we made a few months ago. Look at them and make adjustments as necessary. 

 Excited about the newest aquathon series in the Austin area. Pfive-5-5 series is set to begin on 4/5/2011 and we will be there to support it. Stop by and say hello at Lake Pflugerville.